This is what we are not:  We are not a corporate company, so don’t have corporate headquarters. We gather anywhere we can to share ideas and develop exciting projects. Our team can choose to work from home, hot desking, or sitting on the beach… whatever helps them to bring in the results.

It takes a diverse set of skills, personalities and points of view to build a humming innovation business. We’re powered by our people, an energized group of innovation activists, original thinkers and passionate practitioners.

Our method of working has inspired our people to expand on their skills and ideas. We hold regular brainstorms, when we take time away from our normal work to explore new projects that give our people the freedom to think big and innovate without the fear of failing. We encourage each other to try new ideas and fix problems because we believe trying and failing is better than not trying at all.

At The British Publishing Company everyone has a chance for success, so anyone holds the possibility of creating the next revolutionary idea. We also take on, develop, and invest in third-party event ideas and produce them in conjunction with the individual or organisation to bring it to fruition.

The Serious stuff – Staffing and recruiting agencies, and individuals being represented by an agency are not authorised to use this site or to submit profiles, applications, or CVs / resumes, and any such submissions will be considered unsolicited. The British Publishing Company does not accept unsolicited resumes or applications from agencies.

If you want to find out what we can offer you, you’ll have to enter our very own Area 51 by completing the questionnaire below and emailing your CV to HR@britishpublishingcompany.com

Care to Enter?
Well done, you’ve passed the first test by refusing to find out more. It only makes you that much stronger as a candidate. What is your name?
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You just give your name to strange websites that easily. You’re not doing much in the way of convincing us to trust you with our inner most secrets. Tell you what, no names, tell us what you’d like to be called.
In case of emergency, at what email address can we reach you in order to ask for a phone number?
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How would you rate your experience so far?
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Next question, what is your superpower? You have to be bringing something to the table if we’re going to let you in. At the very least tell us what you’re best at.
We ask everyone to freelance with us for the first 6 months – tell us what you think of this
By looking through our website tell us how you could improve any one of our products and why. Also how would you improve this website?
We have a ‘take as many days off as you need’ policy ( as long as your work is done ) what do you think of this and does that motivate you?
Congratulations that’s all we needed. Before we finally let you know what we offer our people, how would you rate your experience so far
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How many miles in a marathon?
Name one thing you would introduce into our company if you were the boss
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Are you currently, or have you ever been, a member of any of the following, The Tiddly Wnks Society, The Earthworm Conservation Society, The Blue Peter Club, or the Susan Boyle fan club

1. We don’t tie you to an office, work where you like.

2. We don’t tie you to set hours, work when you like

3. After your probation period of 6 months we don’t set fixed holidays, take a holiday when you want and as many as you want just as long as you get the job done and work well in a team. We believe it’s our friendly environment, flexible work practices and our commitment to making sure that our people are happy, healthy and enthusiastic, that is what really sets us apart.

Are you still interested?
Then send us your CV and anything else you think we need to see
Email: HR@britishpublishingcompany.com