Power 100’s extensive programme of ‘PowerTalks’ provide invaluable opportunities for the leading Power Brokers within the UK and Internationally to come together to hear and learn about national and international issues affecting their companies, organisations and communities. Each PowerTalk event is attended by the 100 men and women detailed within our Power100 list, 10 of whom are invited to come and give the greatest talk of their lives.

After the launch of each Power 100 list and the publication of the Power 100 Parliamentary Review we gather the most engaged members of the Power 100 community for sector specific brainstorms, discussions, performances and workshops culminating in an eclectic program of main stage PowerTalks.

More than a thousand people attend this one-day conference where Power 100 speakers appear on the main stage to give 15 minute talks and shorter presentations on best practice ideas worth spreading.

Many Senior influencers have attended the Power 100 Power Talks events to celebrate being named a Power 100 Power Broker and also to meet their peers and develop contacts amongst this like minded and exclusive group of individuals with a bold and creative vision to spark global change

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